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Warning: These pictures of Elephantiasis show live (or at one time live) cases of patients suffering with this disease. Most are taken from the knee down but the third picture is of the male genitalia. If you or anyone nearby may be offended, then I suggest you turn away.

These images were found using various search utilities available on the Internet. Although they may not be marked as, they are copyrighted by their owners and their uses are subject to copyright laws. If you, by any chance, are the copyright owner of one or more of these images, please do not hesitate to contact me via the e-mail link below and I will swiftly remove them. Public domain images need not apply.

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Picture # 1 The back of the knee and ankles.
Picture # 2 Elephantiasis in the left foot.
Picture # 3 Scrotal Elephantiasis
Picture # 4 Elephantiasis below the knee.
Picture # 5 Wuchereria Bancrofti.
Picture # 6 Brugia Malayi.
Picture # 7 B. Timori.
Picture # 8 Advanced Stages
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Recently, a visitor sent me a video clip of a man suffering from elephantiasis infecting his scrotum. The most reliable method of viewing this clip would be to right-click, then select "Save" or "Save Target as..." Don't forget where you saved it!

Elephantiasis of the scrotum. 578 KB. MPG format.

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